TroubleShooting Clinics: Bespoke & Confidential One-To-Ones

Tailored and confidential TroubleShooting Clinics are timed appointments where attendees can ask the questions they need to in order to get to the bottom of their particular business issues. This is the perfect opportunity to meet with experts to receive timely and custom-built briefings and advice on the issues and challenges attendees wish to speak about. Based on individual business priorities and objectives, the Troubleshooting Clinics will give 20 minutes of free, one-to-one personalised advice.

Up close and personal – asking those questions you were afraid to ask.
Suppliers and advisors to the industry have a wealth of knowledge of what is happening now or what’s hot and upcoming and you may wish you speak to them about any new products or services that might be useful to you or you may wish to brainstorm together any specific challenges you are facing in your role.

You choose exactly which sessions will be useful to you and you set the agenda.
This service is available to brands/end users only. You will be called a few weeks before the conference to arrange the most appropriate one-to-one meetings to address your individual and personal challenges. The TroubleShooting Clinics will take place throughout the day, you get to choose exactly which sessions you want to attend and when.

If you are interesting in hosting a TroubleShooting Clinic please email  or call +44(0)20 7953 4016.