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"Yesterday’s conference was excellent. The venue, presentations, speakers and content was excellent. I’ve been telling everyone about it today!" Close Brothers (Attendee From The Driving Change Conference)

Our mission is to create a conference experience which is personal, which breathes quality and which represents absolute value for time and money.

The Virtual Business Change & Transformation Conference

Design A Winning Business Change Operating Model & Embrace Digital & Automation With Results-Focused Business Change & Transformation Strategies: 17th November 2020, Via Live Stream

The Virtual Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Embed Inclusive Cultures & Lessons From 2020 To Bring About Real Change & Drive High-Performance Teams & Leadership Buy-In: Fuel The Future Of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging In Organisations: 19th November 2020, Via Live Stream

The Virtual Alcohol Trends & Innovations Day

Monetise Alcohol Trends & Innovations For Exciting, Profitable Products: 13th January 2021, Via Live Stream

The Food & Drink Trends & Innovations Conference

Unstoppable Food & Drink Trends & Innovations For Best-Selling Products & Attention-Grabbing Marketing: 14th January 2021, London OR Via Live Stream

The Driving Change Conference

Build Resilient Cultures, Robust Employee Engagement & Proactive Leadership To Deliver Successful Organisational Change & Real Business Results: 21st January 2021, London OR Via Live Stream

The Beauty & Skincare Formulation Conference

Winning Beauty, Cosmetics & Skincare Formulation & Product Development Which Deliver On Consumer, Ingredient & Market Trends: 26th January 2021, London OR Via Live Stream

The Beauty Trends & Innovations Conference - Real Insight, Future Inspiration
Boost Sales & Inspire Customers With High-Impact Product & Marketing Strategies On All Channels: Monetise The Hottest Beauty Trends For Unstoppable Campaigns & Irresistible Innovations: 27th January 2021, London OR Via Live Stream

The Digital Pharma Advances Conference - Digital Strategies Delivering Real Results
New Strategies To Adapt To Digital Acceleration & Changed Customer Realities For Customer-Centric, Innovative, Multi-Channel Digital Pharma Marketing Strategies: 28th January 2021, London OR Via Live Stream

The Patient Centricity & Engagement Conference

Drive Patient Centricity & Engagement With Meaningful Patient Involvement: 29th January, London OR Via Live Stream

The Engaging Kids & Marketing To Parents Conference

Hot Trends & Insights & Inspiring Marketing Campaigns To Hit The Mark With Kids & Win Over Parents: 3rd February, London OR Via Live Stream

The Win-Win Corporate Charity Partnerships Conference

Pioneering Approaches To Deliver Mutual Benefits & Measurable, Long-Term Alignment, Engagement & Results With Strategic, Innovative & Successful Corporate Charity Partnerships: 9th February, London Or Via Live Stream

NPD Food & Drink Conference AmsterdamTrends & Innovations

Inspiring, Consumer-Driven, Commercially-Successful Food & Drink New Product Development: 11th February 2021, Amsterdam OR Via Live Stream

The Internal Communications Conference - Real Impact, Real Results

Engage & Inspire, Boost Bottom-Line Results & Add Business Value With Strategic, Authentic & Empowering Internal Communications: 24th February, London

The NPD Food & Drink Conference - Trends & Innovations

Boost Profits With Trend-Led, Future-Ready Food & Drink NPD: Stand Out From The Crowd & Win Customers With & Data-Driven Innovation For Market-Leading, Profitable NPD: 17th March 2021, London OR Via Live Stream

The Internal Communications Conference Amsterdam - Real Impact, Real Results

Learning Lessons From Times Of Rapid Change, Crisis & Uncertainty For Engaging, Strategic & Connected Internal Communications: Future-Proofed Comms Strategies To Drive Employee Engagement & Real Business Performance: 20th April 2021, Amsterdam OR Via Live Stream

The Engaging Digital Comms Conference - Charities, Not-For-Profit, Public Sector

Create Authentic, Relevant Audience Connections & Experiences With Limited Resources For High-Impact & Engaging Digital Communications Which Deliver: 27th April, London OR Via Live Stream

The Value-Adding Fan & Membership Engagement Conference

Generate Exceptional Fan & Membership Engagement & Next-Level Supporter Experiences: 28th April 2021, London OR Via Live Stream

The Advanced Email Conference - Maximum Performance, Maximum Impact

Unlock The Power Of Next-Level, Integrated & Engaging Email & Demonstrate Results & Impact: Customer-Focused, Innovative Email Marketing Content, Campaigns & Journeys. 11th May 2021, London

Process Excellence & Business Improvement - Engaging People, Tech Efficiencies

Successfully Embedding Cultures Of Improvement & Continuous & Process Excellence & Exploring Effective Technology Implementation That Will Achieve Sustainable, Big Picture Results: 12th May, London OR Via Live Stream

The Pharma Social Media Conference

Drive Engagement, Value & Profits With Compliant & Impactful Pharma Social Media Strategies: 18th May, London OR Via Live Stream

The Proactive Food Safety Conference - Counter Risks, Protect Consumers

Hard-Hitting Approaches To Eliminate Internal & External Risks & Threats To Consumers & Businesses From Allergens, Fraud & Vulnerabilities Throughout Supply Chains For Robust, Proactive & Advanced Food & Drink Safety Strategies: 9th June, London 

The Customer-Focused Contact Centres Conference - Effortless Experiences

Next-Level, Customer-Centric Contact Centres: Harness Tech & Empower Agents To Deliver Seamless, Multi-Channel Customer Journeys & Experiences: 23rd June, London

The Financial Services Customer Experience Conference - Behavioural Insights, Real Value

Actionable Customer Insights & High-Impact, Proven Technologies For Stand-Out Customer Experience Strategies & Journeys Which Deliver Real Results: 24th June, London

The Advanced HR & People Engagement For Financial Services Conference

The Commercial Imperatives Of The Right Culture, Strong Employee Engagement & Change-Ready Workforces In Financial Services: 29th June, London

Companies That Regularly Speak At & Attend Our Conferences:

What Distinguishes A GIC Event?

One day only: A time and cost-effective format
18-25 case studies get straight to the point
Excellent quality of research for programme sessions taken directly from the target audience
Our personal approach, individual, tailored agendas, targets and action points
One-to-one meetings: Bespoke and confidential one-to-one appointments
Networking made easy through facilitation
Speakers briefed and trained individually for maximum impact
Peer-to-peer experience exchanges: Pool the combined knowledge in the room
Interactive and participatory agendas for real world application (and interest)
Practitioner recommend, carefully-vetted speaker faculty

What Do Delegates, Speakers & Partners Think Of Our Conferences?

‘Interactive, diverse and insightful. A thought-provoking opportunity to engage across a peer group of business.’ L'Oréal
‘Excellent speakers, worthwhile networking and good debate and sharing.’ AB Agri
‘Informal, informative and well organised. Thanks for a great, worthwhile day.’ Centrica
‘Lots of valuable, practical and insightful success stories which will enable me to inspire creative approaches within my business.’ AXA Wealth
‘Informative and engaging. Fantastic speakers and a great forum for networking with peers and industry experts.’ Superdrug
‘Excellent topics, content, speakers and inspiration.’ Procter & Gamble
‘Really educational. Great to hear from such a diverse range of speakers representing different organisations and topics.’ InterContinental
‘Really beneficial and useful insight. Very positive and I'm looking forward to implementing some strategies discussed.’ Barclaycard
‘High-energy, packed agenda, delivering some really interesting insights.’ GSK
‘Great event to network and share inside stories and challenges with like-minded people.’ Boehringer Ingelheim

For more information on how to get involved in Global Insight Conferences' events, please call the team on +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email email us today.