Global Insight Conferences Provides Real-Life Insights & Advice From Those On The Front Line

Hours of research go into understanding exactly what the industry is needing to know, now, and at Global Insight Conferences, we are very careful about who we select to give the right insight into addressing these pressing issues on a practical level.  

We take our research seriously as it is the secret to our success. Our programmes are formulated not through the opinions of a select few in an ivory tower, but through hours of face-to-face and direct contact with large samples of the intended target audience and end-users themselves. We ask them what they need to know about and what their hot topics are, what exactly they need to know about them in practice and then we turn those needs into the programme sessions and bullet points the speakers must address.  Putting our audience needs at the centre of everything we do is our company mantra. 

Speaking opportunities are limited, for more information please call +44 (0)20 3479 2299, or email