The Conference Consultancy Experts

Helping You Make The Most Of Your Events

The Conference Consultancy Experts offers a uniquely independent consultancy service to any company thinking about or currently investing in live events. We are here to share our impartial, independent and professional guidance.

Each event is unique and brings with it its own set of challenges, be they budgetary, personal or corporate. We have a variety of services our clients ask of us, depending on their individual needs, team size, event size, budget size etc. One thing remains set, which is our dedication to extracting the most value for our clients. Being independent, we can vet third party suppliers, audit quotes and draft accounts, health check service and quality of provision and generally act as your experienced and independent guides.

We are a group of highly-seasoned and experienced conference and event professionals at your service.  The level of service entirely dictated by your needs, objectives, timescales and budgets.  Global Insight Conferences have grouped our various levels of service into three main areas.  Listed below are some of our more popular services.

If your current event activity would benefit from a professional and independent audit, please call us on +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email

1. Lower-Level Support Services

“No Saving, No Fee” Budget Appraisal, Conference Club Helpline, Independent Supplier Audit & Evaluation

2. Medium-Level Support Services

Event Consultation Service, Submitted Tenders And Bids Scrutiny, Team Training And Revitalisation Days, Editorial Programme Development, Lead Generation Campaigns, Sponsorship Optimisation

3. Intensive Support Levels

Emergency Take Over Service, Business Turnaround Specialist Service, Conference Department Set Up, Bespoke Events - Pure Event Management, Operations, Logistics, Editorial, Marketing or Sales

“No Saving, No Fee” Budget Appraisal Service
We are confident that we can cut your event costs and dramatically improve your bottom line through our general buying power, our long-standing contacts in the industry, our expertise and by renegotiating deals fairly– without ever compromising on the quality of your event.  If we cannot, we do not get paid.  Simple.  No risk or loss to you as you can only ever gain from the savings we make.

Conference Club Helpline
Just like emergency breakdown cover, our conference club acts as a membership club whereby for a small annual fee, any team member can make use of a set number of free consultation calls per year.  You can call for any sort of event-related matter or general advice on strategy or recommendations for suppliers or to cross-check quotes – whatever your request, one of our team will be able to help.  The service is especially helpful for small teams.

Ever Wondered Whether You Are Paying Over The Odds For A Product Or Service?

We are happy to conduct an independent audit of your third party suppliers – we work for you and will health check the costs and budget and make sure you are getting a good deal from your event management company and suppliers– are they really providing you the value they claim?

Event Consultation Service
Once you have planned to do an event, or are even in the process of getting a specific event off the ground, our consultancy service offers an honest appraisal of your activity – from overall budgets, to cost-cutting, to revenue-maximisation strategies, to looking at your fundamental objectives and whether you are on target.  We will make suggestions for revenue-generation strategies, as well as identify the greatest areas of risk and implement loss minimisation strategies.

Submitted Tenders & Bids Scrutiny
Bids and tenders are big business.  We can independently audit and analyse bids and tenders that have been submitted by event management companies, conduct viability analyses, risk assessments, or simply health check the figures submitted and promises made; an independent and experienced eye to tease out the weaknesses and areas of inflated costs is well worth investing in.

Team Training & Revitalisation Days
Conferences and events can fulfil a plethora of strategic or corporate objectives and yet sometimes teams face a task they are not fully trained to do.  We have many years’ experience in the industry and will happily offer bespoke and tailored training for your teams to help plan, resource-manage and execute smooth events.  Sometimes even mature teams need a little inspiration and so even for your more established event management teams, we can offer more advanced training to help inspire and revitalise your teams.

Editorial Programme Development
Creating the editorial for programmes and putting together an agenda and speaker faculty that will attract your intended audience are highly specialised skills.  And it makes all the difference when undertaken by a professional conference organiser.  Not every company is looking for a full service offering and are happy to both run and market the conference to their clients or members or internal staff.  Yet all the best marketing in the world cannot get delegates to attend a conference that is unappealing.  Our main business is creating conferences that sell.  We can research and develop an agenda, which you can later advertise entirely as your own.

Lead Generation Campaigns
Our extensive database and marketing expertise is the perfect complement to your lead generation activities.  Sometimes a fresh set of contacts and leads is all you need to springboard your next expansion phase or big set of deals.  Let us generate the leads for you and then your sales team can do the rest.

Sponsorship Optimisation
If you are currently investing in any form of conference sponsorship activity, our experienced partnership team can help you to make the most of your package and identify areas where you can optimise your involvement and so extract the most value possible.

Emergency Take Over Service
Events are renowned for going over budget and running over time.  Key members of staff fall ill, a deal falls through, a supplier lets you down – whatever the emergency, brands and reputations can be adversely affected by an ill-managed event.  We may be able to provide that invaluable last-minute help and support you need to see your event through.

Business Turnaround Specialist Service
Our previous turnaround project saw profits grow by an average 127% per annum in the first three years.  Our passion is taking a conference business that is not performing at its maximum capacity and by implementing new procedures, products, key team leaders and overhauling marketing campaigns (to name but a few), turn fledging conference departments into thriving success stories.  Ranging from 6 months to 3 year turnaround periods, we can transform and grow your conference department by taking a fresh look and making the necessary changes.

Conference Department Set Up
Sometimes a company may wish to start testing out the waters and launch a conference department itself, but lacks the expertise or even know-how as to how to begin hiring the right people for the job.  That is where our extensive knowledge of the industry and the key players and up and coming stars, comes in.  We can establish your business for you in those first early and risky times and once the team is in and stable, leave you with a sustainable and thriving business unit, with varying levels of ongoing support if needed.

Bespoke Events – Pure Event Management
Whatever your ideal event – from two to five day-conferences, product launches, dinners, residential training courses, roadshows, flagship events, mini-workshops, medium-sized exhibitions, online seminars or the like – we can act as an event management agency and run your event from beginning to end.  From editorial, to programme conception, marketing, operational, online booking and running the event on the day, whatever level of support is needed to complement your in-house team is available to you.

An unusual approach to business…
We will not work with you if we do not believe we can truly add value to your event. We hold dear to our reputation and we want to work with you successfully time and time again.  So, we will turn down an event if we feel it will not bring both parties ultimate success.  In this, you can rest assured.  From concept, to procurement to operations, let us help you make the most of your events.  From saving you time and money, to minimising your reputational risk and losses, to maximising your profits and impact, we are conference experts and are here to share our impartial, independent and professional guidance.

If your current event activity would benefit from a professional and independent audit, please call us on +44 (0)20 3479 2299 or email